Flameless Candles With Remote Control - Led Color

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Whether it’s that time of the year again or you just want to create a cozy atmosphere despite the season, candles are a simple yet effective solution. Their warm light is just perfect for a relaxed romantic setting, but there is one but: candles might be messy or even dangerous to use at home because of the risk of fire. Luckily, there is a perfect option for those who are unwilling to risk: flameless candles. They take the best from the two worlds: coziness and soft light from real candles and smart features like adjustable brightness and remote and timer function from the world of technology.

These stylish and elegant flameless candles feature all those great technological advances, allowing you conveniently and safely use them whenever and wherever you feel like it. The package contains three LED flameless battery-operated candles of various sizes, a remote control, and a manual (note that batteries are not included). 

This option is perfect for many reasons and the main one probably is that these fake candles create the illusion of the real flame. They will provide you with 300+ hours of safe ambient soft light.

Effortlessly turn these flameless candles on whenever you wish, as it’s super easy to do with the convenient remote control. With its help, you can also switch between flickering and non-flickering flame, lower or increase the brightness, and set the timer, so your candles could turn on and off automatically every 24 hours. 

Another feature of these candles that is of enormous importance is that they are safe to use. These flickering remote control candles create the perfect illusion of real ones without bringing any danger to your home. Plus, there is no mess from them too. Use them everywhere, even in bedrooms! They emit no smoke, no dripping wax, and require no matches or any open flame, you’ll need just two AA batteries for each candle and that’s all! However, note that these candles should not be used in water as they are not waterproof. 

These remote control flickering candles with a timer are perfect for celebrations and parties of any kind. Use these beautiful candles to create that warm intimate atmosphere in any space and for any occasion. They look just like the real wax candles and will bring just as much joy, only without any unwanted heavy scent or risk of fire. They can also be a perfect gift for your nearest and dearest. Let them enjoy a warm light in the comfort of their own home when the weather starts to change and the temperatures drop.


ON/OFF: Switch on/off the flameless candles

MODE: Flickering Flame/Steady Light

TIMER: 4 hours & 8 hours timer

MULTI COLOR: Color changing automatically

COLOR: 12 different colors at your choice

Package Includes:

  • One (1) LED Color Changing Remote Control Flameless House Candle