Neck Support Collar

Color: green
Size: S kids (32-42CM
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The Neck Support Collar is a groundbreaking new design that offers more than a traditional neck brace.


It is slim, robust, discreet, and stylish.


The Neck Support Collar is a great looking cervical collar providing superior head support for those with conditions with weak neck muscles or difficulty controlling the head.


It's been designed to be the lightest and most discreet non-constricting neck support brace on the market.



Are You Struggling With Neck Pain Or Tech Neck From Being on Your Phone Or Computer All Day?

The Relief Neck Support Collar will help your neck pain and poor posture in just 2 hours a day, or your money back guaranteed.

Neck Relieving Benefits:

✔ Adjustable positioning molded for the most comfortable fit possible(customisable)

✔ Your own in-home physical therapy(money back in your pocket)

✔ Low profile and discreet(you won't even feel its there)

Alphay  Neck Support

What's Included?

* 1x  Neck Support Collar

* Free Tracked & Insured Shipping

* 30 Day Guarantee No Questions Asked



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