360° Pets Washer Tool For Dog

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360° Pets Washer Tool For Dog

Does your pet run and hide when it’s time for a bath? Most pets dread taking a bath and it’s tricky to convince them to stay in the bathtub until their bath is finished. While we can’t guarantee that your pet will ever enjoy getting wet and soaped up, your pet will be a lot easier to handle and bath using our 360-degree dog shower tool. All you need to do is connect the shower tool a standard garden hose to start washing your pet following our step-by-step instructions (See below). Once you’ve experienced how much easier it is to bathe your pet using this ingenious pet bath tool, you will wonder how you ever bathed your pet without it!

Features :

  • Cleans at All Angles : Circular hose washer which sprays water in 360°, washes pet’s fur at every angle, even at hard-to-reach areas.


  • Two Cleaning Modes : Not only able to rinse, but also able to spray shampoo with water to wash away dirt from pet’s fur. 


  • Gentle & Fast Washing : Light water sprays to avoid scaring the pet, but easily able to clean in just a few minutes. Suitable for any size of pets, big or small.


Specifications :

Material: ABS + PP Plastic, Silicone 
Colour: Grey 
Diameter: 15.7” (40cm) 
Length: 25.6” (65cm) 
Weight: 16.9oz (480g)

Packing Content :

1 x Dog Washer Tool