990 Miles Super Long Range Outdoor Amplified HD TV Antenna

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Over 100 Channels in full HD. Never face signal issues with this 990 mile super long HD antenna with the help of our unique digital design, which picks up signals from all directions, you can access a wide selection of HD channels and watch them all day long. The enhanced TV antenna just has to be installed outside, where it will be allowed to gather signals from sources up to 990 miles away.

The outdoor HD antenna not only receives signals with ease but also gives you access to a range of free materials to peruse. By doing so, you may easily keep up with the most recent events, fashions, and television series. The digital HDTV antenna is most significantly humidity-proof, making it strong enough to endure any kind of weather. Use this dependable outdoor television antenna to amuse family and friends with your favorite TV shows and movies. 


Our outdoor TV antenna is composed of premium wire, and it is supported by a strong design and cutting-edge engineering. You will always have strong connections because of the durability of this outdoor digital antenna in inclement weather.

Amazingly, this outdoor TV antenna is capable of picking up signals from all angles. Even signals that are 990 KM distant can be picked up by its powerful receptive power!

All the parts you need to put up the digital TV antenna both inside and outside are included in the package. The outdoor antenna may simply be mounted on your roof, connected to an interior power source, and then connected to your television.

Frequency: 40-860 MHz
Gain: VHF Gain: 20±3dB UHF Gain: 20±3dB
MAX Rotation: 350°
Power: 3W
Power Supply: AC110V/60Hz
Model: TA-10000
Color: Black
Weight: Weight: 41.59oz / 1179g(2.6Pounds)
Dimensions: (23.22 x 3.35 x 4.33)" / (59 x 8.5 x 11)cm (L x W x H)

Bracket(Include 40ft Coaxial Cable)
Amplifier & Power Supply
Remote Control
U-shaped Hoop
Instruction Manual