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The tool can mitigate this problem, however, its negative layout reasons sleep apnea patients to surrender on it: 80% of CPAP customers forestall the use of it inside one 12 months. Airing intends to alternate that with a modern layout so that it will paintings in addition to another tool, and sufferers won’t address cumbersome uncomfortable masks.

Another motive sufferers surrender at the conventional CPAP is they get grimy and want to be wiped clean regularly, due to its massive length, it's miles very tough to easy… Not so with Airing. Airing is small in length and cleans too easily. Each Airing tool is designed for half-12 months of use and is recyclable. As a result, each night time you get an easy tool. Airing additionally liberates you from the “mess” of uncomfortable straps and the noisy hum that each includes some other tool.

Airing’s layout is a mixture of numerous inventions, leaders of that are the micro-blowers at first meant for warmth law for chips in computers. These micro-blowers are completely contained in the Airing tool, so there may be no want for outside air hoses. Just “plug” the cushy buds into your nostrils and breathe all night time long.

CPAP masks have a difficult time keeping a great seal in your face as you circulate at some stage in sleep. The sound of speeding air will awaken now no longer most effective you however additionally your partner. The hoses utilized by CPAP mask drag at the give-up desk and at the bed, inflicting sleep disruptions. But Airing creates a good healthy inner your nostrils without hoses to capture on anything. Better yet, loud night breathing is eliminated.

Think approximately how liberated you can be with now no longer simply one true nighttime’s sleep, however loads of them. Think approximately fitness troubles you may avoid. Think approximately the power you may have. Think approximately how a great deal extra effective you'll be at paintings, the capacity vehicle injuries you’ll avoid, even your golfing handicap reducing with the aid of using three shots. In short, reflect on consideration on how liberated you'll be whilst you begin the use of Airing to manipulate your sleep apnea.