Car Dent Removal Tool Kit

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You can now repair your car's dents by your-self, from the comfort of your own home! 

Got a dent on your new vehicle? Tried many car dent removal tools but in vain?

Here is a guaranteed Car Dent Removal Tool Kit to remove dents.

This tool comes with an extremely easy to use dent removal kit that works on cars, refrigerators, bikes, or any metal made item. You do not need to repaint the surface because it doesn't damage paint or any other thing of your car when removing dents. It is a must to have in homes so that vehicles can remain new for as long as needed.

So to help you save money and time we present you the Car Dent Removal Tool Kit which enables you to remove dents like a professional!

The Car Dent Removal Tool Kit is a perfect tool for DIY repairs for accidental car dents, door dings and hail damage on your vehicle, and keeping the original paint undamaged and saving time and money for repairs.

If your car's paint is already peeling off or fragile, we recommend not to use it on those areas.

*  This Car Dent Removal Tool Kit is made with high-quality stainless steel, rubber and durable plastic, and doesn’t damage the auto surface, very sturdy for long time use.

This Car Dent Removal Tool Kit is not only for car dent removal but also efficient and safe to pop out dents on the metal surface, such as cars, motorcycles, refrigerators, washing machines, etc...

* Car Dent Removal Tool Kit includes a 2-in-1 puller, which can turn into a long puller or short puller. It has different sizes puller tabs perfect for dent removal. There are 18 tabs that can be used in different dent areas and different sizes of dents. You can choose according to the size of the dented area. The Glue Gun and Glue Sticks are not included in this order, you must get them separately.

* Car Dent Removal Tool Kit is very easy to use and it is suitable for any person to deal with any dent. You can just use a hot glue stick to stick the attachment then after pulling on the dent, the dried glue stick will either come off along with the pulling or you can remove it by hand after it totally dried. This kit is a great help for DIY works to save time and money.


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WHY BUY OUR Car Dent Removal Tool Kit? 

The Car Dent Removal Tool Kit can save a lot of money for you compared with the auto body shops. This Tool allows you to repair your car by yourself, again and again.

It's easy to use, suitable for anyone, just follow the simple instructions, no muscle required!

It keeps your vehicle spotless and flawless. With the dent remover tool, you can always keep your vehicle dent-free and presentable.


  1. Choose an appropriate size gasket for the dented part.

  2. Apply hot glue on the gasket and stick it to the dented part. Apply it quick before the hot glue hardened. 

  3. Attach the puller to the gasket and start pulling until the dent is removed. 

  4. Apply alcohol to the repaired part and remove the hardened glue.