Electric Heating Scarf Neck Warmer Scarf

Color: Gray
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This smart scarf is warm comfortable to wear and multipurpose as well.

It covers the entire neck in one wrap and extends its heat from the neck, upper back & lower head, to the chest area.

It's a complete cover to preserve your heat while you're outside.

Made with pure cotton, this scarf gives you a nice cozy feeling that makes it okay for you to go outside even when it's chilly.

This self-heating scarf is powered by a rechargeable power bank, charge it and plug it with the scarf's USB to use.


⭐ Intelligent Heating: Heats up in 3 seconds with an efficient graphene carbon fiber heating system. Intelligent heating settings (35°C-45°C-55°C/95°F-113°F-131°F) to suit your needs.

⭐ Comfortable Material: Breathable and ultra-light material. Comfortable and soft cotton with decent elasticity.

⭐ Health Benefits: Graphene heating technology and release of 8-9mm far-infrared rays aid blood circulation and help relax tense neck muscles. The position of the heated pad can be adjusted for targeted therapy.

⭐ Long Battery Life: 2000mAh power bank, battery life up to 7 hours. Washable (hand wash and machine wash) (Note: Please be sure to remove the mobile power before washing.)