Fire & Smoke Breathing Dragon Head Mount

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Animal Heads For Wall

This is an incredible dragon sculpture crafted from latex skin, foam filled, and designed to hang on a wall. The Fire & Smoke Breathing Dragon Head Mount comes with a fog machine and LED light that simulates smoke and fire inside the head


Our 3d Dragon Legend Decoration is something that you want to own for yourself. With its elegant design, this piece of art will be a perfect addition to any room in your home or office, and it's large enough for easy storage after you're done "throwing fire" at it.

Product Description

  • Represent your love for dragons and fantasy art with our Dragon Legends display! You will be amazed as your dragon sculpture blows "smoke and fire."

  • This incredible work of dragon art is crafted out of a durable latex skin, is foam filled, and designed to hang on a wall. It includes a fog machine and LED light that fits inside the head so that your Dragon Legends prop can blow "smoke and fire."

  • This piece is hand crafted and is a display you will love to show off. 


Product Details:

  • Product Name: Dragon Legends Prop

  • Material: Completely hand-made; high quality materials and unique design

Package Includes:

  • 1* Dragon Head Mount (2* AA battery not included)