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Magic Pocket Staff


pocket staff

Are you tired of being scared all of the time? This pocket bo staff helps you to defend yourself during an attack. The attacker wont even see it coming!This magic pocket staff helps you to learn self-defense techniques that will leave a good impression on your friends.

From drama plays to street shows and even cosplay, this portable pocket staff will work well as a stage prop or costume accessory. Great for entertaining kids at parties or wow-ing a crowd at a school play.

pocket staff amazon
Want to impress a crowd? Need to entertain relatives and friends? Just pull this great staff from out of your pocket. Whether youve got magic up your sleeve or just are a natural jokester or dancer, make this compact, discreet, pocket bo staff to your shows for some unexpected fun or tricks.

Crafted from stainless steel, the portable staff is durable for endless entertainment. You can also check the pocket staff durability with its amazing super fast due thanks to the unique aerodynamic design.

pocket bo staff


As multi-use as this collapsible pocket bo staff is, be sure you are using it safely. Release the staff when there are no persons or pets around. Ensure you wont be hitting any nearby objects that can be damaged. Most importantly, ensure the staff is facing away from you (the string-hook end) before you whip into action.

pocket staff weapon



? Use for security & self-defense.

? Aerodynamic shape, collapsible & retractable.

? Extends from 2 inches 5 feet in seconds.

? Stainless Steel

? One-touch system

Specifications ?:

? Material: Steel

? Size: 1.1m/ 3.61 ft


magic pocket staff

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