Micro HD Video Camera with Audio

Material: HD Camera
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Make Sure That Everything is in Place

Are you always paranoid when you leave your home unattended for a long time or go on vacations and worry that something might happen? With this compact Micro HD Video Camera, this won't be an issue anymore!

Besides continuous recording, the camera also has motion detection mode, which largely saves memory space and extends the recording time. You don't worry to miss important moments anymore.

Also offered is a file overwrite feature, which replaces old recordings with new ones once the micro SD card gets exhausted.

High Quality Videos Through The Day & Night

The intelligent IR-CUT function can automatically activate/deactivate the night vision upon the ambient environment change. It also has many functions, such as motion detection and loop video recording.

This completely solves the problem that the night vision of traditional cameras needs to be manually switched. This function makes sure only effective videos are recorded, which is very convenient and also saves your memory storage.

User-friendly design, one-key access to the recording, the other key is for motion detection, simple designed and easy use.