Santa Holdings Tray Figurine™

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Want to add a special decorative touch to your amazing Christmas treats this year?

You've invited your guests over and are serving your best treats; now make it extra special by completing your presentation of delicacies with our Santa Holdings Tray Figurine™. Santa is dressed in a red velvet suit with white trim, green and red jeweled broaches adorning the front of the coat, and a black belt and gold buckle! He has a fluffy white beard and a smiling face. He holds a tray in each hand, perfect for cupcakes, treats, or even champagne glasses. When your guests see your desserts displayed on this adorable Santa-holding stand, they will want to try everything. It will spread holiday warmth and cheer.

Why should you have this Santa Holdings Tray Figurine™?

 Perfect Christmas Decor: This Santa Claus is a wonderful collectible and part of any Christmas decoration due to its quality, craftsmanship, and dazzling details. With these pieces, you can spread holiday warmth and cheer.

 Must-Have for Party: If you enjoy hosting Christmas parties or other events in your home in style, having the right dessert display stand can make your work truly perfect and add a lot of charm to your event. Our Santa holding tray is just what you need.

 Safe & Quality Material: This Santa is made of a material that is safe, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting. It is ideal for displaying cupcakes, fruit, dessert, candy, and other items when hosting a tea party, family gathering, Christmas, wedding, or birthday.

 Stable & Saves Space: Santa Holdings Tray Figurine™ is very stable and can hold a large number of desserts while still leaving enough room on your table. When not in use, it is also very easy to store.

 Fun For The Whole Family: Family and guests will be impressed to see Santa Claus offering you treats and dessert, capturing the beauty and charm of the holidays with our seasonal décor.