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Smartphone HD Mini Security Camera With Night Vision And Audio


It can be mounted indoors or outside, hooked to clothing to serve as a body cam, placed upright to serve as a baby monitor, or clipped to a rearview mirror to serve as a dash cam for a car, among other uses.

mini spy camera with audio and video recording

In contrast to other cameras, there are no hidden fees or monthly subscription costs.

Our wireless motion detection camera may be used with or without WiFi and does not require it to function. You can have instant access to video footage of your house or any other location on your smartphone.

You may instantly view live video with audio from any point in the world by placing the camera in the area you want to monitor. The camera can be programmed to record continuously or at specific intervals. Moreover, you may watch the camera while taking and storing photos.

With the phone app, you may directly access the live streaming from our covert small camera on your smartphone. The video can be kept in the app on your phone.

mini wifi camera

Many of our clients enjoy using our micro camera as a pet cam or baby monitor nanny cam to watch over their children when they can't be there in person because it is the best in its class and boasts infra-red night vision. You do not constantly need a power source plugged in because the camera comes with a strong rechargeable battery.

mini spy camera wireless

On a single phone, you can have up to four cameras watching different places or perspectives at once, and you can view them all simultaneously in a four-way split screen. Parents adore our camera in particular.

  • Wide-angle lens to increase visibility and minimize blind spots.
  • You may capture video and photos with clarity and fluidity using HD resolution.
  • Mount with a rotating bracket for various shooting positions.
  • LED infrared light for night vision
  • Motion Sensing

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Main Body
  • 1 X Mount
  • 1 X Sucker
  • 1 X Strap
  • 1 X Cable
  • 1 X Card Reader
  • 1 X Manual
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