Spinning car air freshener

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Turbo® is the ultimate car air freshener for any turbo enthusiast!

Enjoy the fresh air in your car while you're watching how the turbine is spinning and it made a silent whistle while spinning, simply by turning up the A/C!

The car air freshener looks stylish and takes up minimal space!

It's made of durable and reliable materials for long-term use!

Available in four colors, red, black, silver and blue, this air freshener will perfectly fit your car's interior!

Unique styling that adds personality to your car.

Your passengers are going to love it and never forget the ride!

If you purchase it within this visit, we are going to send you FREE Fragrance!

Any of the Marine, escape or high-end cologne fragrances are sent randomly.

Fragrance lasts up to 21 days and is easy to be replaced with a scent refill.

Compatible with all cars models.

The clip is simple and easy to install.

It can be installed at any place where it can be clipped.

Surprise yourself or your favorite car guy, mate, boyfriend, or husband with one of those cool and funny car air fresheners, who will appreciate it for sure!