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The Premium Full Body Pain Reliever Heating Pad

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  • The Heating Pad That Will Melt Your Pain Away.

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  • Our extra-large 33 x 17" heating pad can significantly help reduce muscle spasms, stiffness and pain in shoulders, back, neck, legs, knees, etc. also keeps you warm in cold winter days.

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  •  Thanks to the fast-heating technology of the thermal therapy wrap, this heating pad can warm up just in few seconds. 33*17 in heating pad can save you from arthritis, poor circulation and cold weather and  period cramps as well .

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  • The premium: Heating pad for pain relief has 6 heat levels, you can adjust the temperature easily to accommodate your comfort level. It will auto-off if you forget to turn off. Keeps you safe sleeping and save energy.


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  • The dry heat therapy of the heating pad is suitable for relaxing your muscles. The heating pad can be used for moist heat therapy. Moist heat therapy is mainly to relieve pain. Moist heat therapy provides deep penetration and more effective relief.

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  • Made of high-quality 100% polyester, the heated pad provides a soft finish along with even heat distribution throughout the whole heating pad. High quality of materials make it super sturdy long lasting and make heats to penetrate tissue of pain area effectively.

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